What is Wagerchats?

Wagerchats is a social wagering community designed for the sports bettor to engage with users via forum and chat rooms. This site was created due to the lack of a live interaction site within the sports gaming community. The purpose of Wagerchats is to provide a medium suitable for civil discussion among sports bettors, in order to determine their best course of action for wagering opportunities.

A monthly subscription?! Seriously?

The most common question, by far. Many other sites are free, and with that, the forums are congested with bots, spam, and coarse language. By paying a monthly fee, Wagerchats can ensure an atmosphere that is tolerable for all users. No touts, annoying ads, racism, political, or religious commentary are allowed in the forums and chat rooms. A fee will keep bots, spam, uncivilized users away from this site.

Is this site moderated?

Yes. Any racist comments are strictly prohibited. Any users that violate the rules will be banned for a certain amount of time. If a user is banned three times, he/she will banned from the site.

How much is the monthly fee?

A monthly fee is $8.00. Look at it this way. If you win just one unit ($100) from people on this site, you have covered yourself for the entire year.